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Same construction as the Plain Trunk. 3/4″ hardwood plywood and 1” quarter round trim. Large brass plated handle and hasp. Four adjustable dowels to allow organization and easy access to bit collection. Made in the USA.

16”H x 21”L x 16 ”W, 32 lbs.

Stain swatch: Left to right (Old World, Cherry, Special Walnut, Cordovan, Cinnamon and Mahogany)


How do you make a bit box?

Bits May Inflict Pain Most riders agree that bits can cause pain to horses. A too-severe bit in the wrong hands, or even a soft one in rough or inexperienced hands, is a well-known cause of rubs, cuts and soreness in a horse’s mouth. Dr. Cook’s research suggests the damage may go even deeper ? to the bone and beyond

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Are bits abusive for horses?

One of the most common types of snaffle bit is the eggbutt, which is considered to be the gentlest type of snaffle bit because it doesn’t pinch the corners of the horse’s mouth. It has an egg-shaped connection between the mouthpiece and the bit-ring

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What is the most humane horse bit?

A bit ? the part of the bridle that is inserted into a horse’s mouth ? enables a rider to cue a horse by placing pressure in and around the horse’s mouth. This pressure is used to control the horse’s speed and direction of movement

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How does a stallion bit work?


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Is beatboxing easy? Like any skill, beatboxing requires a lot of practice. It may come a bit more naturally to people who understand the basic principles of how to create a drumbeat, but anyone can learn how to beatbox with enough dedication.

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What is the easiest beatbox for beginners?

The bit rests on the tongue and therefore interferes with tongue/chewing action. I have seen a bit after a horse has snacked along the trail, often there are wads of grass mucked up on the bit. These chucks are not properly chewed and could cause problems if swallowed or partially swallowed.

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Can horses eat with a bit in their mouth?

Yes, they do. Very much so. And they have long memories for both the humans they’ve bonded with in a positive way and the ones who have damaged or abused or frightened them.

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Do horses love their owners like dogs?

Hackamores can be a great option for horses with physical issues in their mouth, such as tongue damage or a fractured jaw, which means they are not accepting of a bit. Behavioural problems like head shaking, excessive salivation and rearing may also be improved by using a hackamore.

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Why use a hackamore instead of a bit?

The softest bits are generally snaffle bits made of rubber. Rubber offers a smooth fit on the bars of the horse’s mouth, while the snaffle’s rings fit softly in the corners of the horse’s mouth without pinching.

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What is the softest bit for a horse?

A mouthpiece around 16mm is a great place to start, and 14mm is the thinnest permitted for young horse dressage classes- and most trainers would not use anything thinner than this on a green horse.

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What’s the best bit to start a horse?

Loose ring bits help the horse to position the bit where they like it unlike fixed bits such as the eggbutt or hanging cheek snaffle. This helps the horse be more comfortable in the mouth and since the mouthpiece is moveable on the cheek it also helps with horses that are heavy or take hold of the bit.

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Why use a loose ring snaffle?

Ideally, spurs do not hurt horses. That being said, spurs can lead to skin scratches, bleeding, and other pain if used incorrectly. For this reason, spurs should not be worn by inexperienced riders. More specifically, spurs should only be worn by experienced riders on horses that need spurs.

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Are Spurs abusive?

Trying to get the tongue over the bit is simply an attempt to get away from the bit pressure ? the horse is trying to relieve the pressure in its mouth.

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Why horse puts tongue over bit?

Hachtel says you must be balanced on your horse before riding with spurs. ?You don’t want to be leaning forward with your legs back by his flanks. Your legs need to be in the proper position.? Spurs are no substitute for good riding skills.

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Are spurs mean to horses?

A mullen mouth is a plain mouthpiece with a slight curve over the horse’s tongue. This makes it more comfortable for the horse to carry than a straight-bar mouthpiece. It’s also considered more gentle than a jointed mouthpiece, as there is no pinching effect when the reins are pulled. Continue to 2 of 15 below.

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What is the softest bit for a horse?

There are two elements to a soft bit. The first is the material. Anything made from synthetic materials, like rubber or even leather, will be softer than metal. Regardless, the design of certain metal bits, like double-jointed Eggbutt snaffles, give you an equally soft effect on your horse’s mouth.

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What is the best bit for a horse with a soft mouth?

Measure between the two points on the string. The measurement will be the size bit you need. The bit on either side of the mouth should stick no further than 1/2 inch out of the horse’s mouth. That would mean that the bit is too big.

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Horse Bit Boxes – Tack Trunks

Bit BoxesOur horse bit boxes are a popular stable accessory and give you the storage needed for your horse bits. Order online for high-quality stable accessories! Are you looking for a tack box that’s attractive and can accommodate all of your horse’s supplies? If so, our vinyl bit box is the perfect solution. Look at all of the valuable features of this unique horsebox. Space for Everything Whether you show your horse or simply need a tack box for your barn, our vinyl bit box has the right amount of space. It measures 24” in length, 14” in width and is 16” tall. Its spacious wooden interior comes with three dowels with adjustable rails. This allows you to organize your snaffle bits, saddle pad, halters, lead lines, riding helmet and other items. You have the option of getting more dowels for your tack box if you need them. Maybe you like to put your brushes, combs, hoof picks and other items for horse care on one side of the tack box while putting a snaffle bit box and another tack on the opposite side. With our vinyl bit box, you can store your horse’s supplies in a way that’s convenient for you. A Personalized Accessory Our vinyl bit box gives you the chance to be a personalized equestrian. You can choose to put your stable’s logo or horse’s name on the vinyl sides. Or, maybe you’d like to check out our stock art logos and go with something like a horse print, a horseshoe or a horse and rider design. You decide on the lettering style or breed logo that goes with your creative vision. Select from 20 colors to make your logo or name look exactly the way you want it. In addition, we have several border styles made to enhance whatever design you choose. You can also take advantage of our lager Sunbrella palette. With our selection of reds, blues, greens, yellows, and neutrals it will be tough to make a final decision for your tack box! We won’t quit until you’re satisfied with the look of your vinyl bit box. Security for Your Expensive Tack You’ve invested a lot of money and time in building a beautiful collection of tack. Naturally, you want to protect your property. That’s why there’s a strong latch in the design of this vinyl bit box. You can secure your bit box with a lock and key or perhaps a combination lock. Either way, the sturdy design of the latch will give you peace of mind about the safety of your costly tack as well as any craft supplies you store in your tack trunk. Durability If you travel to different venues throughout the year to show your horse, you must move your tack box onto your truck or into a storage compartment in your horse trailer. Our vinyl bit box is made to endure the bumps and jolts that come with moving it from one place to another. The metal handle on each side makes it easy to safely move your tack box up into a truck, trailer or elsewhere. Add to the Appearance of Your Stable The finished interior of your tack box combined with its vinyl exterior and trim in either chrome or brass makes a stylish statement in any barn or stable. Guests and competitors alike are sure to notice…

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Vinyl Bit Box – Horse Stable Accessories – Tack Trunks

Vinyl Bit Box | Horse Bit Organization | Horse Stable Accessories A vinyl bit box offers a handsome storage solution for your collection of bits. It allows for easy organization and easy transportation for bits of all sizes in a sturdy, customizable box. DESIGN YOUR BIT BOX ONLINE USING YOUR LOGO NOW Our chest-style vinyl bit boxes are 24 inches long, 14 inches wide and 16 inches high. They are made of wood with vinyl exteriors and metal trim. We only sell boxes made with quality materials and construction, so you can be assured of getting many years of useful life from the product. The interior of the bit box is finished in your choice of walnut or cherry stain or a clear coat. The boxes come with three dowels standard, and you can order two or three more dowels to increase the capacity. The adjustable rails allow you to add, remove, and reorganize the dowels to best fit your needs. The exterior surfaces of the bit boxes are covered with vinyl. We offer a standard selection of over 20 colors as well as the larger Sunbrella palette. These colors include a wide range of reds, blues, yellows, greens, and neutrals. You can choose to add logos or other artwork to the vinyl sides of the box. We offer over a dozen pictures as stock art logos, including horses and riders, and horse and fox heads. If you prefer to use the brand or logo of your stable, we are happy to work with you to produce a custom box. You also have options for the lettering and borders that will decorate the vinyl. We can use the font style of your logo if you have chosen to customize your bit box, or you can select from our stock monograms, breed logos, and lettering styles. Each vinyl panel can be attractively bordered with one of several border styles. The metal trim on the vinyl bit box is available in either chrome or brass. The matching hardware includes the top latch and the sturdy metal handles on each side. The vinyl bit box is part of the collection we offer of customizable, coordinated products. Your stable needs to project an image of professionalism and quality while promoting your identity. By using trunks, boxes, sheets, banners, and other items that bear the colors and logo of your operation, you will present a uniform message and a strong brand. Give us a call to discuss our custom products or submit a quote form on our site. You can use the sheet quote form for a sheet quote, or any of the other forms for the items you are interested in. We offer quality customization that is guaranteed to satisfy. HOW TO ORDER A BIT BOX? Our bit boxes come with 3 dowels with a vinyl exterior. You can optionally add 2 to 3 more dowels. Stained clear finished interior is included, with optional darker stain too. Get a Quote Now Design Your Own Bit Box Now If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email. 1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use? Sunbrella Colors Standard Colors 2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo Horse Logos Stock Art Logos 3)…

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unboxing my Modern Horse Bit Box and going to the race …

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Bit BoxSame construction as the Plain Trunk. 3/4″ hardwood plywood and 1” quarter round trim. Large brass plated handle and hasp. Four adjustable dowels to allow organization and easy access to bit collection. Made in the USA. 16”H x 21”L x 16 ”W, 32 lbs. Stain swatch: Left to right (Old World, Cherry, Special Walnut, Cordovan, Cinnamon and Mahogany)

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The Bit Box – The Modern Horse

The Bit Box — The Modern Horse The Bit Box Annual Bundle Subscription (4 Boxes/Year) Full Sized, premium equestrian lifestyle products delivered 4x per year.Every season, members will receive an exclusive box with 5-10 products curated to their preferences. Simply fill out the questionnaire so we can make sure you receive products curated to your own equestrian lifestyle!Each Bit Box has a retail value of $250+ and is available for $125 each with our Annual Subscription or $150 each with our quarterly subscription.International Shipping Available SOON!

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Bit Box | horsefareHome20640 Bit Box Same construction as the Plain Trunk. 3/4″ hardwood plywood and 1” quarter round trim. Large brass plated handle and hasp. Four adjustable dowels to allow organization and easy access to bit collection. Made in the USA.16”H x 21”L x 16 ”W, 32 lbs.For a personal touch, add an engraved Brass or Chrome Heavy plate (for an additional charge).Stain swatch: Left to right (Old World, Cherry, Special Walnut, Cordovan, Cinnamon and Mahogany)SKU: 20640HardwareStainQuantity

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