Roots Organic Soil Review: Is Roots Organic a Good Soil Brand?

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When it comes to choosing the organic potting soil for your garden, it can be a tedious and difficult process. The best soil should be compatible with your plant types, organic, and supply your plants with the necessary elements to thrive. However, most new growers do not know what is the best and trustworthy organic soil brand to go for among unlimited options out there.

This is why I would like to introduce to you Roots Organic – a common, good reputation brand that provides medium grow and nutrients for all plant types. Many growers reported about great result, healthier plants, abundant harvest when using Roots Organic Soil. So, this Roots Organic Soil reviews will look closer at this brand and their organic soil products.

Is Roots Organic a Good Soil Brand?

Roots Organics was established by Aurora Innovations and take place in Eugene, Oregon by a team of devoted gardeners. Their purpose is creating unique organic soil and plants food formulations from quality ingredients with superior technology. Roots Organics products are produced with high-quality, 100% organic components to help your plants flourish without toxic materials or chemical additives that can harm plants and your health. Roots Organics offers product lines that will serve all your growing needs, including a range of grow soil & media, liquid nutrients and dry nutrients. These products can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Roots Organic Soil Review

Amazon best-selling product B072NB5WLR

#1 Roots Organics Original Potting Soil

Only the quality, organic materials are used in the Roots Organics Original Potting Soil. The product ingredients include perlite, bat guano, worm castings, coco fiber, fish bone meal, green sand, peat moss, soybean meal, pumice, humic acid, and other organic nutrients. It is readu to use mix that contains the perfect ratio of perlite and pumice to provide adequate drainage for your plants. This soil promotes stronger plants, higher harvests, better nutrients absorption, and reduce plants stress.

#2 Roots Organics Formula 707

Minerals such as peat moss, perlite, coco fiber, pumice, fishbone meal, earthworm castings, feather meal, and other organic ingredients are used in this soil mix to aid plant development. Roots Organic’s formula 707 is the perfect soil to use in container planting or for potted plants tanks to its excellent capacity of retaining water and moisture. Plants require the proper nutrition to produce healthy roots and stems and Roots Organic Soil 707 is a great soil condition for this task. You can also use the Roots Organic Soil 707 to rehabilitate nutrient-deficient soils.

#3 Roots Organics Lush

Lush is a superior growth mix made particularly for potted plants, both indoors and outdoors gardening. It is also a great grow media for almost all plant types. This peat-based medium has been modified to provide maximum uniformity and control. The outstanding features of Lush is that this rich-nutrient medium is mixed with a well-balanced basic fertility package with appropriate essential element to optimize blooming plant production. In order to creating excellent ability of drainage and retaining water, the mix is made with specific amount of peat, coir, perlite, pumice, and worm castings. This slow-released soil mix can last for up to 8 weeks, that means you do not need to feed your plants frequently.

#4 Root Organics Greenfields

Organic Roots Green Fields is a growth mix that base on ocean nutrient and made of composted forest material, peat moss, crab meal, fish meal, perlite, coco fiber, feather meal, pumice, worm castings, fishbone meal, etc. This soil mix is especially formulated for plants in vegetative and blooming stages. Green Fields are created to store more water, but it remains good drainage to ensure you plants are not waterlogged. Root Organics Greenfields formula are design to be more prefer for outdoor growing than indoor, it has been proved to be an outstanding soil mix for outdoor garden.

#5 Roots Organics Green Lite

Roots Organics Green Lite was designed as an extremely drainage potting soil mix for both indoor and outdoor growing. Green Lite is formulated with additional perlite and pumice with ideal ratio for improved drainage and aeration in the root system, as well as specialized elements for potted gardening versatility. When you apply this wonderful, extremely porous combination for your plants, you’ll notice the obvious effects. Roots Organics Green Lite will help strengthen plant’s root, speed up the growth of healthy plants.

#6 Roots Organics Emerald Mountain

If you are looking for the soil mix that balance great performance and value. Roots Organics Emerald Mountain potting mix is excellent option for you. It is a more cost-effective organic growth medium, but is still provide great capacity of water retention and aeration, as well as a consistently well drainage. It is more prefer to be used in outdoor and big container garden.