How To Make My Black Paint Shine After A Long Off-Road Trip?

Having that long off-road trip to upcountry anywhere else always comes as an opportunity to adventure while proving your driving skills. However, there is always mud during the rainy season and dust during summer. After cruising in the mud or dust for a good time, your car shall be having that “clean me” suggesting look. For black car owners, you know how shouting the patches might be.
My black double cabin land cruiser pick-up sticks up with patches of mud which make it lose the shiny reflection it usually makes. For most vehicle owners, this comes with worry and strain on how the glow shall be reinstated. For smart vehicle owners, they come for knowledge to easily maneuver when getting that black paint shine again after a long off-road trip.
So, what is the trick?

Spray out the dirt before anything else

The reason as to why your car’s glow is likely to fade after off-road driving is the washing criteria you use. When the mud or dust sticks to your vehicle, it means it is stuck on your paint, attempting to scrub off that mud or dirt of any kind shall make your hard brush scrub the surface of your car’s black exterior paint thereby killing the shiny finish.

In the case of stuck dirt, ensure you use a pressure car wash pump to spray out the dirt. This way, the dirt shall get off in a friendly manner leaving the shiny finish safe and sound. After you are done with the dirt, use a soft rag to clean and wipe the vehicle, avoid using rough-surfaced materials.

Do you mind the detergent you use to clean your vehicle?

After a busy off-road drive, you might consider getting a detergent for a perfect clean up. When you go for the detergent, ensure you go for a car wash solution. The reason why you should strictly do this is that the wax is what gives that shiny finish, dish soap or any other detergent washes this wax away making your car’s black paint looking dull.

This is the right way to wash your black colored vehicle

Did you know that using the same bucket and water to wash and rinse your vehicle leaves it with stains and appearing dull? Well, now you know.

Ensure that you have two buckets, one for washing and the other one for rinsing. So after spraying the dirt away, was the vehicle beginning from top to bottom so that you do not introduce the dirt at the bottom of your vehicle to other parts. After you are done, rinse using clean clear water and a soft rag. This way, your vehicle shall dry up to give a shiny black color.

Minimize the chances of scratches during washing, how do you do it?

There are a number of tools that we use during the washing process that if not chosen correctly, might lead to scratches of the vehicle’s paint and hence lead to a dull look. These scratches are what make the shiny appearance fade away.

Ensure that you go for quality washing tools, that is, go for the softest car washing towels you shall come across, when used with detergents, you do not expect an alteration of your black car’s paint in whatever manner.

black paint shine
Washing your black car

After washing, your vehicle might appear a little bit dull, why not consider waxing it?

The black paint of your vehicle also needs maintenance for it to retain its shiny appearance. Apply some wax to the paint of your vehicle, this wax shall have your vehicle shine while at the same time protecting your vehicle’s paint from harm.

Have yourself or someone gets down to manually wash your vehicle

This is because automatic car washes are massive and do not care for finer details like shining. The brushes in automatic car washers might be too hard on the glow that there might occur scratches and blemishes. Hence, it is important that you have someone or yourself do the exercise.


So, we the black car owners face a challenge when it comes to maintaining that glow our machine first came with. After off-road driving, the dirt has to be washed away carefully and with the right tools as described above. With that, your vehicle shall be left glowing and ready to drive you on a new day