What to consider when buying the best frying pan for glass top stove?

Glass top stoves are gradually becoming a popular kitchen and are used by many home cooks for their kitchens. However, not all cookware can integrate with this type of kitchen.

If you are looking for a best frying pan for glass top stove but don’t have much experience to be able to make informed decisions.

That’s why we’ve listed a few things to consider when buying a fying pan for glass top stove to save you time searching.

#1 Size

The size of frying pan is something you should consider before deciding to buy one. Make sure that the frying pan is not too big for the glass top stove burner.

Glass top stoves have different burner sizes so the frying pan you buy should fit that size. If the frying pan is larger than the active burner, it will not be able to spread heatt evenly.

#2 Material

Today the frying pan for glass top stove is made of many different materials so you can be overwhelmed.

The best material for a frying pan for glass top stove is titanium and stainless steel. These are two materials with high durability, spread heat evenly and work well on glass top stove.

Materials like carbon steel or aluminum are also good materials to consider. The frying pan made from this material is not too expensive and affordable for you to choose.

#3 Bottom

As you know, glass top stove is a flat surface so that everything that is placed on it also needs a flat bottom. And frying pan, too, should be a flat bottom pan that works well on glass top stoves.

If the frying pan has an uneven bottom, its contact area with the top stove will be smaller, which means that the food is not provided with the heat.

# 4 Weight

You should choose fying pan that is moderate enough, heavy enough to rub well with glass top stove and light enough to move it easily.

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