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Roots Organic Soil Review: Is Roots Organic a Good Soil Brand?

When it comes to choosing the organic potting soil for your garden, it can be a tedious and difficult process. The best soil should be compatible with your plant types, organic, and supply your plants with the necessary elements to thrive. However, most new growers do not know what is the best and trustworthy organic soil brand to go for among unlimited options out there.

This is why I would like to introduce to you Roots Organic – a common, good reputation brand that provides medium grow and nutrients for all plant types. Many growers reported about great result, healthier plants, abundant harvest when using Roots Organic Soil. So, this Roots Organic Soil reviews will look closer at this brand and their organic soil products.

Is Roots Organic a Good Soil Brand?

Roots Organics was established by Aurora Innovations and take place in Eugene, Oregon by a team of devoted gardeners. Their purpose is creating unique organic soil and plants food formulations from quality ingredients with superior technology. Roots Organics products are produced with high-quality, 100% organic components to help your plants flourish without toxic materials or chemical additives that can harm plants and your health. Roots Organics offers product lines that will serve all your growing needs, including a range of grow soil & media, liquid nutrients and dry nutrients. These products can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Roots Organic Soil Review

Amazon best-selling product B072NB5WLR

#1 Roots Organics Original Potting Soil

Only the quality, organic materials are used in the Roots Organics Original Potting Soil. The product ingredients include perlite, bat guano, worm castings, coco fiber, fish bone meal, green sand, peat moss, soybean meal, pumice, humic acid, and other organic nutrients. It is readu to use mix that contains the perfect ratio of perlite and pumice to provide adequate drainage for your plants. This soil promotes stronger plants, higher harvests, better nutrients absorption, and reduce plants stress.

#2 Roots Organics Formula 707

Minerals such as peat moss, perlite, coco fiber, pumice, fishbone meal, earthworm castings, feather meal, and other organic ingredients are used in this soil mix to aid plant development. Roots Organic’s formula 707 is the perfect soil to use in container planting or for potted plants tanks to its excellent capacity of retaining water and moisture. Plants require the proper nutrition to produce healthy roots and stems and Roots Organic Soil 707 is a great soil condition for this task. You can also use the Roots Organic Soil 707 to rehabilitate nutrient-deficient soils.

#3 Roots Organics Lush

Lush is a superior growth mix made particularly for potted plants, both indoors and outdoors gardening. It is also a great grow media for almost all plant types. This peat-based medium has been modified to provide maximum uniformity and control. The outstanding features of Lush is that this rich-nutrient medium is mixed with a well-balanced basic fertility package with appropriate essential element to optimize blooming plant production. In order to creating excellent ability of drainage and retaining water, the mix is made with specific amount of peat, coir, perlite, pumice, and worm castings. This slow-released soil mix can last for up to 8 weeks, that means you do not need to feed your plants frequently.

#4 Root Organics Greenfields

Organic Roots Green Fields is a growth mix that base on ocean nutrient and made of composted forest material, peat moss, crab meal, fish meal, perlite, coco fiber, feather meal, pumice, worm castings, fishbone meal, etc. This soil mix is especially formulated for plants in vegetative and blooming stages. Green Fields are created to store more water, but it remains good drainage to ensure you plants are not waterlogged. Root Organics Greenfields formula are design to be more prefer for outdoor growing than indoor, it has been proved to be an outstanding soil mix for outdoor garden.

#5 Roots Organics Green Lite

Roots Organics Green Lite was designed as an extremely drainage potting soil mix for both indoor and outdoor growing. Green Lite is formulated with additional perlite and pumice with ideal ratio for improved drainage and aeration in the root system, as well as specialized elements for potted gardening versatility. When you apply this wonderful, extremely porous combination for your plants, you’ll notice the obvious effects. Roots Organics Green Lite will help strengthen plant’s root, speed up the growth of healthy plants.

#6 Roots Organics Emerald Mountain

If you are looking for the soil mix that balance great performance and value. Roots Organics Emerald Mountain potting mix is excellent option for you. It is a more cost-effective organic growth medium, but is still provide great capacity of water retention and aeration, as well as a consistently well drainage. It is more prefer to be used in outdoor and big container garden.

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What are the best folding Japanese survival knife?

There are many times when I disappointed about the survival knife that I have bought. Not all the survival knives out there are good quality and longevity. As a knives enthusiast, I realized that the survival knives that comes from Japan are usually satisfied me by their sharpness, durability and ideal thickness.

The best Japanese survival knife are famous for their quality, so that if you do not have any experience about choosing the survival knife, you cannot go wrong with Japanese knives. You can fine more about other type of Japanese knives on link.

Personally, I more prefer to use folding Japanese survival knife as I can put it in my pocket and easy to carry for any outdoor activity. So, I will be reviewing top 4 my favourites best japan survival knife.

You also can find more content about survival knife here.

#1 KATSU Camping Pocket Folding Japanese Knife

If you are looking for the folding survival knife that is made of quality materials, this knife is outstanding for this feature. The blade is made out of VG-10 Steel stonewashed and measure 3,9 inches, you will be satisfied about its toughness. Thanks to the high quality steel material, the blade is razor sharp and fine cutting edge, it is also low maintenance and does not require frequently sharpened.

Since it is a folding knife, and compact size of 5 inches long when it close, and totally 9 inches long, this knife is very portable that you can easy carry it along by your side for multiple purposes. What makes me highly appreciate this knife is the titanium and carbon fiber handle, which ensure it is rust resistance and comfortable grip. This is why it is extremely durable knife.

If you are worry about safety aspect, it features a frame lock, which ensure the blade will stay in its position once you open it. It also comes with thumb opening lever and ball bearing system, allowing you open and close it with one hand. It is not very tough, but also lightweight. It is not the cheap folding knife, but it offers you more value than the price.

#2 NEWOOTZ Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

The blade of NEWOOTZ is hand craft with Damascus steel material, a very popular material for producing knives. There are many layer of carbon steel with VG10 core, what makes this knife is one of the toughest folding survival knives out there, high quality material also requires rarely needs to be sharpened.

This folding knife can be easy to open by one hand, it also features a lock, which keep it in place when open. It has the ideal dimension for keeping in the pocket as it only measures totally 6.3 inch when opened with 2.8 inches blade length and 3.7 inches length when closed. I also love the classic designed leather sheath comes with this knife. The leather sheath is also handmade with wax rope. The belt hole back and the compact size makes it perfect for any outdoor activities.

Cool Bone handle is made from real bone with beautiful pattern. Even after long term use, the handle will become smoother and shine. It also provides a comfortable grip. NEWOOTZ also offers lifetime warranty for their products, it shows that they are confident in the quality.

#3 Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Folding Knife

Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Tattoo Folding Knife is another folding knife that are extremely suitable for survival task and carrying outside. It has a very compact size that can fit in the pocket or in a pack. When closed, its total length is just about over 3 inches long, and when open, it measures under 6 inches length with a blade about 2.32 inches.

The blade is also made from VG10, what make it very tough. The full flat grind of the blade makes it easier to use and retain the sharpness for such a long time even after many uses. You do not need to frequently sharpen it.

It features back lock system to lock the blade, keeping it stays in the position. this blade lock also add protection for your hand while using the knife. The handle is made of solid stainless steel, which is extremely strong and corrosion resistant.

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Should you use undergravel filter for your 40 gallon aquarium?

Many people think that undergravel filters are old, outdated, a nuisance to maintain, but if you are just started your keeping fish hobby and you are not ready to spent a lot of money for the aquarium filer, then undergravel filter is a good ideal.

I am owing a 40 gallon aquarium and my undergravel filters have always been good to me. There are some pros and cons of this filter but if you are looking for the best 40 gallon aquarium filter, this post will help you decide whether to use a UGF as a basic setup in your tank or not.

#1 What does a undergravel filter do?

A substantial layer of gravel can act as a mechanical and biological filter media in aquarium set-ups called undergravel filters. UGF is a plate type filter that will pull the water down through the substrate and trap any particles, debris in the water passes through it. A UGF is run by an air pump and air stones, or some types can be used with a powerhead.

#2 Can you use undergravel filter for your 40 gallons tank?

UGF do not really effective but you can totally use it for your 40 gallons tank. UGF work just fine in under 55 gallons tank if you do not want to use bulky, unsightly filters and your aquarium how ugly.

The other reason that make me using UGF for my 40 gallons tank is that it includes no moving parts, simple to install and operate even if you do not have any experience. Simply place the filter grid on the bottom of the tank, put on the substrate, and you’re basically done.

Not only that, no moving part that means it is quiet, The only noise that you will hear with an undergravel filter is the quiet vibration of the air pump

#3 Disadvantages of UGF

UGF is hard to maintain, and it require to be clean frequently. If a UGF is not maintained properly, it will become the good place for the accumulation of detritus and other organic matter, which in turn contributes to a build-up of high nitrate levels.

Other proplems from UGF underneath the filter plate can be the condition for the growth of unwanted bad types of bacteria that may contribute to poor water quality in the long run

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Best Hang On Back Protein Skimmer: Aqua Euro VS. Eshopps PSK

The protein skimmer plays a vital role in the overall health of the aquarium and the water condition. Protein skimmer can keep the water clean, reduce nitrates, phosphates, algae, and circulate water.

If you want a skimmer that does not mess with the aesthetic of your aquarium, then hang on back protein skimmer can be the ideal option for you.

To help you get the right skimmer, this post will compare two of the best hang on back protein skimmer: Aqua Euro Hang on Protein Skimmer VS. Eshopps PSK-75h Hang On skimmer.

#1 Capacity

The capacity of a HOB protein skimmer will determine how big of an aquarium that it can handle for. This is also the most important factor that you should check first if you want the HOB protein skimmer to work as expected.

Eshopps is a small-sized HOB skimmer designed for an aquarium up to 75 gallons. Aqua Euro is the protein skimmer with a larger capacity that can handle up to 200 gallons of water. It seems to be overkill for small home aquariums.

Choosing the HOB protein skimmer that is designed to work with your tank size to ensure the best result.

#2 Small enough to fit with your space

One more important aspect when it comes to the best protein skimmers is the size of the devices. If you get the HOB protein skimmer that is too big for your space, there is a big chance that you will have to find the other place to move your aquarium.

Both Eshopps and Aqua Euro skimmers are designed with only 3 in diameter. That means they require only 3 inches and a half-inch between the tank and the wall.

Aqua Euro measures 3W x 8L x 18H inch, these dimensions are relatively small in comparison with its capacity. The footprint of the Eshoos is just 7 x 6 inches. With this small size, you can easily install is even if you do not have much room for maneuverability.

Before buying the protein skimmer, measuring the space that you plan to reserve in your aquarium for this device and make sure that the skimmer that you choose will not larger than this room.

#3 Features

It is obvious that the main job of the HOB protein skimmer is for removing all the harmful organic materials in your aquarium. Eshopps skimmer comes with a high-quality Sicce water pump, which is located under the unit outside the tank.

Due to this design, the heat won’t be transfer to the water and increase the water temperature. It also includes the collection cup with a respectable size and be able to remove for easy to clean.

Aqua Euro Skimmer includes bubble plate diffuser increases efficiency. It is also offers a high-quality needle wheel pump. The only drawback of this HOB protein skimmer is that there is might a slight bit of noise for the first few days of using, But this noise will subside eventually.

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What Is Leopard Gecko Supplies List?

Although leopard geckos are one of the easiest reptiles to care for, keeping leopard geckos in captivity can be a challenge for every beginner. In order to keep them stay healthy and happy, you have to provide the proper environment in enclosure.

These things below are leopard gecko supplies list that will help you recreate the leopard gecko natural habitat.

#1 Leopard gecko cage

It is obvious that the cage is one of the most important leopard gecko supplies that you should purchase on. Unlike crested gecko, leopard geckos more prefer to live on the ground than in the tress.

They are not too interested in branches or climb.  Therefore, they will need a horizontal cage.

You should give your leopard gecko at least 10 gallons tank. If you keep a couple of leopard geckos, this tank would be at least 15 gallons.

#2 Leopard gecko substrate

The best substrate for leopard geckos should not contain anything can cause irritation to their skin and eyes. It is better to be easy cleaning and replacing.

There are some materials that you should avoid to use for leopard geckos are sand, cedar, pine, hardwood chips, gravel, cat litter, sawdust, etc. It is recommended to use special clay, artificial turf, paper towel, and newspaper as leopard gecko substrate.

#3 Habitat

The accessories that you place in their cage can encourage them to do their natural habitats such as climb and exercise. Leopard geckos would like to hind in the shelter place during the daytime.

Live plants, fake plants, hide boxes, overlapping rocks are some things you can give them as a place to hide and sleep.

#4 Leopard gecko temperature and lighting

Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals. Therefore, it is important to set up the day and night cycle in their captivity. During the day, the temperature in the leopard geckos cage should be maintained between 80-85 degrees F. Nighttime temperature should be around 70 degrees F.

In the summer, your geckos will need to receive 14 hours of daylight and 10 hours of darkness. In the winter, you should allow sleeping 12 hours per day and 12 hours of darkness.

You will need to purchase on the heat lamp (or heat pad), red, or blub bulb to lighting at night. Do not use while light in the leopard geckos cage.

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How To Make My Black Paint Shine After A Long Off-Road Trip?

Having that long off-road trip to upcountry anywhere else always comes as an opportunity to adventure while proving your driving skills. However, there is always mud during the rainy season and dust during summer. After cruising in the mud or dust for a good time, your car shall be having that “clean me” suggesting look. For black car owners, you know how shouting the patches might be.
My black double cabin land cruiser pick-up sticks up with patches of mud which make it lose the shiny reflection it usually makes. For most vehicle owners, this comes with worry and strain on how the glow shall be reinstated. For smart vehicle owners, they come for knowledge to easily maneuver when getting that black paint shine again after a long off-road trip.
So, what is the trick?

Spray out the dirt before anything else

The reason as to why your car’s glow is likely to fade after off-road driving is the washing criteria you use. When the mud or dust sticks to your vehicle, it means it is stuck on your paint, attempting to scrub off that mud or dirt of any kind shall make your hard brush scrub the surface of your car’s black exterior paint thereby killing the shiny finish.

In the case of stuck dirt, ensure you use a pressure car wash pump to spray out the dirt. This way, the dirt shall get off in a friendly manner leaving the shiny finish safe and sound. After you are done with the dirt, use a soft rag to clean and wipe the vehicle, avoid using rough-surfaced materials.

Do you mind the detergent you use to clean your vehicle?

After a busy off-road drive, you might consider getting a detergent for a perfect clean up. When you go for the detergent, ensure you go for a car wash solution. The reason why you should strictly do this is that the wax is what gives that shiny finish, dish soap or any other detergent washes this wax away making your car’s black paint looking dull.

This is the right way to wash your black colored vehicle

Did you know that using the same bucket and water to wash and rinse your vehicle leaves it with stains and appearing dull? Well, now you know.

Ensure that you have two buckets, one for washing and the other one for rinsing. So after spraying the dirt away, was the vehicle beginning from top to bottom so that you do not introduce the dirt at the bottom of your vehicle to other parts. After you are done, rinse using clean clear water and a soft rag. This way, your vehicle shall dry up to give a shiny black color.

Minimize the chances of scratches during washing, how do you do it?

There are a number of tools that we use during the washing process that if not chosen correctly, might lead to scratches of the vehicle’s paint and hence lead to a dull look. These scratches are what make the shiny appearance fade away.

Ensure that you go for quality washing tools, that is, go for the softest car washing towels you shall come across, when used with detergents, you do not expect an alteration of your black car’s paint in whatever manner.

black paint shine
Washing your black car

After washing, your vehicle might appear a little bit dull, why not consider waxing it?

The black paint of your vehicle also needs maintenance for it to retain its shiny appearance. Apply some wax to the paint of your vehicle, this wax shall have your vehicle shine while at the same time protecting your vehicle’s paint from harm.

Have yourself or someone gets down to manually wash your vehicle

This is because automatic car washes are massive and do not care for finer details like shining. The brushes in automatic car washers might be too hard on the glow that there might occur scratches and blemishes. Hence, it is important that you have someone or yourself do the exercise.


So, we the black car owners face a challenge when it comes to maintaining that glow our machine first came with. After off-road driving, the dirt has to be washed away carefully and with the right tools as described above. With that, your vehicle shall be left glowing and ready to drive you on a new day


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Basic Things You Should About Food For Geckos

Perhaps one of the most important things when keeping geckos is their food and diet. Incorrect food and diet can cause some health problems for your crested geckos.

What food for geckos should be fed and how often? This post will give you some basic information about food for geckos that ensure your pet will live a long happy life.

Commercial food in captivity

In captivity, the crested gecko can live healthily by only eating commercial food. This is the premix powder that provides enough nutrients that their bodies require and a healthy base for their diet.

Powder will be blended with water for crested geckos eat. With commercial, crested geckos do not need any live food, but you can also feed them as treat foods.

Live insects for crested geckos

In the natural, crested geckos mainly eat insects, so it is the good food that you can feed them a treat. Some examples of insects for geckos are butter worms, cutworms, locusts and crickets. Do not feed them any insects that bigger than the gap between their eyes.

Baby foods

Not only commercial foods and live foods can be the food for crested geckos. In the wild, geckos also prefer to eat fruits and nectar. So in the enclosure, your geckos should be fed sweet taste baby food and fruity flavors. Sweet baby foods such as peach, banana, apricot, pear can be mix with their diet and offered as a treat.

Noticeable things when feeding crested geckos

Crested geckos require fresh, clean water that does not contain chlorine all the time.

Feeding crested geckos commercial food once a day at night, and remove excess food in the morning.

Also feeding insects at night but not frequency. They should be allowed to eat live insects only 2-3 times per week and do not forget to remove excess insects the next morning.

Covering insects with a calcium supplement before you allow your geckos to eat them, adding in some vitamin supplements once or twice per week.

Note: Using the best reptile humidifiers to create an ideal crested geckos moisture will make them more palatable.

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The Top seedbanks

The seedbanks are gaining national attention for what they do. They offer a chance to buy marijuana seeds and use them for many purposes. The new medical marijuana laws are put in to effect for a good reason. The best seedbanks have astounded new buyers with the simple service. That bodes well for the future of anyone on the market today. The seedbanks are helpful in all respects to the new buyer. That project is going to be important and people want to see how that works. The seedbanks store extends good deals to all new buyers on the market today.


First, the reviews for the seedbanks can be influential to people. The projects are helpful and can teach new buyers a lot of info to use. The sellers are working quickly to track down the reviews and find the best seedbanks on the market. The best reviews are worth a look and people want to find out more info soon. That could sway opinions and make the project helpful to all new buyers. The reviews can sway opinions and keep others in the know. That makes the project worth it for all those that are interested. Write new reviews and come to a smart conclusion about the products in time.

The price tag for the top seedbanks will be showcased. The shipments can be handled any people want to secure some support. The guidance team can answer questions and manage all the newest requests. The top seedbanks are sure to impress people interested. New buyers are constantly searching for the best products. The sales price is just the start for the new buyer. They also need to research the shipping and handling fees for the order. The shipments can be processed when the order total has been paid off.

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How to build a chicken coop on your own?

If you have seen a lot of chicken coops reviews but still can’t choose the best one for you, or simply you are limit in the budget, let’s thinking about building a chicken coop by yourself.

Don’t worry if you cannot read the chicken coop plants since they too technical or you are not a kind of skillful person. Your chickens do not care about if the corners are square or not, they also do not need a pretty coop. All the requirements of your chickens are the sheltered place, dry, keeps them safe and warm.

With basic woodworking skills and an easy-understand plan with the most essential things for chicken, building a chicken coop is not really hard.

What are the features that a DIY coop should have?

Whatever types of coop you are plan to build, it needs to contain these essential factors below:

Enough space for your chicken comfortably eat, sleep and some other activities.

Protect your chickens with the best chicken predator deterrent.



Easy to clean, sanitize with great drainage.

How big should your coop be?

The size of your coop is dependent mostly on what types of chickens you have. Basically, if you plant to coop them all the time, they will need at least 10 feet square per chicken. But if they are allowed to outdoor, each bantam requires at least 2 feet square; the standard large fowl will need 4 feet square in a coop per one.

There is one notice that those things up to here are minimum space requirements per bird. If the conditions permit, it is always better to build a bigger chicken coop. You won’t know if at some point you will get more chicken than you can imagine at the moment.

How do you create good ventilation?

Ventilation plays an important role in building a chicken coop. In the summer, the hot air will be pushed out of the coop by the vents, keep the coop cooler. In the winter, it maintains the warm air and pushes moist stale air out.

You should place the vent up near the ceiling, above the chicken heads.

If you are living in colder zones, with each 10 feet square of the floor, it will require a feet square of the vent. In the warmer zones, you will need to create more vent to maintain the coop temperatures.

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Things you need to know about Bearded Dragon feeding guide

Understanding how to feed your bearded dragon in the right way, you will go your half to become a good owner. There are a lot of things to learn, from finding out what kind of veggies and insects you should to feed them, to what is the best bearded dragon feeding schedule and what vitamin and supplements that they need…

Bearded dragon feeding is never an easy task, especially for the beginner. This bearded dragon feeding guide below will help you to figure out the best things to your bearded dragon.

How often do you need to feed baby bearded dragons?

A baby bearded dragon will need to provide much more nutrients than an adult one. Due to that, they also need to eat multiple times a day. Under 3 months babies must be fed 5 times a day and eat as much as them possible. This schedule will be reduced by their age.

3-6 months babies request to fed 3-4 times a day while 6 months old babies should be fed 3 times a day. The babies can be fed to eat as much as they want during their meal (about 5-10 minutes).

How often do you need to feed baby bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons may be said to be an adult when they 12-18 months old. They need to be fed just once time a day. If you feed them to eat more, it may because of obesity.

In this point of life, their diet should contain only 20% protein and all the rest of the portion is veggies or fresh salad. An adult is recommended to eat around 10-20 crickets per day. And 7-10 worm per day, because worms are so rich in protein.

Note: Never put any food on the substrate to feed your pet, even the best substrates bedding bearded dragons is not a good place to feed them.

Vegetables a bearded dragon can eat

Kate, mustard greens, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin, bell peppers, endive, turnip greens, butternut squash are some common vegetables that bearded dragon can eat.